With B2B content marketers employing an average of six social media platforms, managing your multiple networks can be an overwhelming, daunting task. From creating and posting content, monitoring social conversations, and sharing influencers’ content, you can get lost in time with all of the activity required to maintain an active presence on these sites.

More and more consumers are actively connecting with their favorite brands on social media, so it’s a no brainer that your company should be leveraging your networks to increase brand awareness and engagement.

But there has to be a better way to make the most of your time spent, generating optimal results. The key to truly being successful in your social media marketing is through using tools that will help improve your productivity, efficiency and achieve marketing goals.

Social media management tools are brilliantly created to aid you in executing your social media strategy while bolstering your time management. The objective is choosing a platform that works best for your business and aligns with your goals.

Here are three valuable social media management tools to consider for improving your time management in your marketing:

#1 Coschedule

CoSchedule is your all-inclusive content marketing, social media management tool. This two-fold system not only allows you to manage your social campaigns, it has a built-in editorial calendar feature to help you plan, organize, and consistently execute your content strategy. Meaning your blog posts, email marketing, videos, visual content…anything related to content can be planned inside CoSchedule, making it one of the most efficient tools on the market!

The good news is that CoSchedule has recently updated its features to remain current in meeting the demands of today’s marketers. In addition to scheduling your social media posts on networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, this tool also informs you of the best times to post your content for better engagement.

This information is killer because each social media post now has the best chances of creating the desired result for your social media marketing…ultimately driving more clicks to your website or landing page. You don’t have to guess or delve deep into analytics to obtain this data.

You’ll also learn which posts did significantly well in traffic, creating opportunities to repost the content that’s working to promote more traffic to your content while saving you bundles of time in research.

#2 MeetEdgar

The major benefit to MeetEdgar in helping you better your social media time management is its ability to automatically recycle your old social media posts when you’ve run out of content or updates to share. You see, a common frustration marketers experience with their content marketing strategy is how quickly content gets buried under new social posts. Depending on the social network, the lifespan of a post can last but a few hours. That’s a short period considering the time you may have invested in your content.

Another struggle is staying active on social media with fresh, relevant posts that resonates with their audience. As mentioned, more customers are engaging with brands on social media. With MeetEdgar, along with scheduling, publishing and tracking social media campaigns, the auto-post feature is a huge asset to ensuring that you’re sharing valuable content with your audience. It will “fill in the gaps” when you don’t have any posts in queue to keep your page buzzing.

As a result, you will boost traffic from reposting (or repurposing) old content. You will love this tool as it’s a huge time saver, especially when you don’t have any posts ready to go.

#3 Oktopost

What separates Oktopost from most social media management tools is its unique focus on B2B marketers.  This robust tool enables you to track social posts, sync social activity data with popular marketing automation platforms like Hubspot and Marketo, and generate leads for your business.

You can see the actual ROI of your social strategy by tracking leads back to the exact social post the lead originated from. You’ll quickly discover what’s working with your audience…and what isn’t, using Oktopost.

It’s extremely beneficial to businesses with multiple employees since it has a built-in employee advocacy board that allows marketers to share social content across the organization with zero overhead.  So when employees share social content, it’s tracked and measured. Therefore, ROI can be established for all social programs to gauge effectiveness.

Their website clearly illustrates, Oktopost is here to help businesses make money!


There are a plethora of marketing tools to help improve your time management on social media. The ones mentioned are worth taking the time to see which works best towards increasing your productivity and results.

Much success!

Ready to align your marketing goals with SMART goals? We’ve built this free marketing planning template to bolster your social media strategy. Download for free here.


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