Undoubtedly, time management is essential when it comes to productivity. Time is sometimes tricky because it’s a relative factor that flies or drags depending on your perceptions. To put time management into practice, it is important to convince the mind to go past creating a self-limitation barrier that prevents us from keeping time. Pair this with using the following tips to gain greater control over your time and business for more successful workdays.

Single Out Tasks That Need Your Involvement

Naturally, if you try doing everything at once, the most likely result is a fatigued mind and body, not to mention a disaster for your business. Singling out activities that need utmost urgency and are in your expertise will save you time and money. Through this, you will have enough time to maximize productivity in your business.

Set Targets for Your Meeting and Conversations

Your time is sometimes wasted in unending phone conversations and unnecessary meetings. Let us not mention the time required to prepare a simple meeting or phone conversation with clients. Counter this habit by setting goals you intend to achieve after meeting a customer or your employees. Also use scheduling tools that are compatible with your smart devices, such as Calendly. Good time management apps help you achieve your time management goals.

Stay Purposeful with Social Media Marketing

Cutting back on time spent on social media is one of the greatest things you could do to your business. However, if you are using social media online marketing, ensure you have particular social network site for this purpose to avoid signing up for just any of them. Know why you are using a particular online media platform as each comes with some features that can blend well with business settings. For example, Hootsuite can play the role of an online virtual assistant if used in place of customer service while doubling as a marketing team to help in product or service creation and curation.

Identify Your Sweet Spot

Everyone has his or her most productive time, and it would be unwise to conclusively say that it is mostly in the morning when one should be active. Some entrepreneurs are night owls and are best suited to work at the wee hours of the evening. It is, therefore, important for every business owner to know when they are most productive to maximize their productivity at that time. Understanding the day or night hours when you can offer your personal best goes a long way into boosting your overall input for the business.

Avoid Working with Alerts

Turn off alerts, especially during the time you should be productive in the first place. Through this, you will be able to avoid destructions in the mind while tackling important issues touching on your business. Practice not answering phones just because they are ringing or e-mails as they pop up. Disconnect instant messaging and pay attention to things that need an immediate human response. You can schedule a time to answer all emails and phone calls.

Overcoming the Completion Bias

Naturally, the mind is pleased when we cross off to-do activities from our lists, even before executing them. The crossing off activities triggers a completion bias, a state where the mind subconsciously tackles simpler duties to create a feeling of satisfaction after completing them. To counter this, arrange the tasks with the ease at which they can be executed. Through this, you will satisfy the inner checkmark, gaining enough momentum to go through the next task. The next task should be intense and rigorous with the highest possibility of calling for procrastination.

Some of these time management tips need practice, and over time, you will grow into them. The good thing is that they will all help you gain more control over your business, so you don’t feel like a slave to time and like you need to work long hours.

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