3 Time Management Apps

Time is one of the most valuable resources, but it’s something you can’t buy or sell. When you waste time on something, you can never get that time back, but lamenting over lost time isn’t productive. Instead of lamenting over lost time, you can use a time management app to control your life better. You might want to use several¬†time management apps to manage your time as best as you can.

GSD_appsBelow, we have listed three time management apps that show you where you’re wasting time. Once you know how you’re wasting time and getting distracted, you will be able to cut back on those activities and create a plan for using your time more wisely.


Just as its name suggests, RescueTime shows you where you’re wasting time, so that you can spend it more wisely or “rescue” it. This time management app aims to help you understand your daily habits, in order to boost your productivity and readjust your focus to the things that are most important in your life.

RescueTime operates in the background as you use your computer or mobile device and records the amount of time you spend on each application and website. Prepare yourself to be shocked at how much time you spend on a particular activity; many people have been unpleasantly surprised to know exactly how much time is slipping away on things that aren’t important.

With RescueTime, you can set alerts to inform you when you have spent a certain amount of time on a website or application. If you really struggle to not get distracted, the app has a function that will temporarily block a website for as long as you decide. But it’s not all about the negative! RescueTime also highlights what you accomplished during the day. You can look over what you accomplished and pat yourself on the back.


Toggl is a time tracker that can replace time sheets. It’s a quick and easy to use app that only requires a click of a button. You can mark certain tasks in Toggl as “billable” to know exactly how much time you should be rewarding. Toggl is a great tool to introduce to your employees if you want to boost their productivity and keep track of how they spend time at work. You can throw out your paper time sheets and replace them with Toggl for more accurate entries. Toggl will still track time when you’re in an area without WiFi. When you tap the button on your mobile device, time will start tracking on your computer.


What about how much time you waste checking your phone? Checky is a time management app that monitors how often you check your mobile phone. Looking at your phone too often is a sign that you’re getting distracted easily and often throughout the day. When you shift your attention from work, you hurt your productivity because your focus has changed to a different activity. It takes time to get in the zone again after a distraction. Why does it matter to stay in the zone? Your best work happens in that state. You also get more work done because your mind is completely focused.

There are many time management apps that will reveal to you where you’re wasting time and how much time is being wasted, so you can adjust your life as needed based on your goals and priorities. How you want to spend time and what amount of time you’re willing to spare on each activity is up to you. Using a time management app helps you use your limited time on earth the way you want to.

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