Time Management Tips To Skyrocket Your Productivity

Do you sometimes feel like you didn’t get enough accomplished by the end of the day? You worked your butt off but wonder why you don’t have anything to show for it. If you’re experiencing this problem, then you could benefit from implementing a few time management tips that result in a boost in productivity. Here are five effective time management tips for increasing your productivity:

Tackle Your Three Biggest Stressors

GSD time management 2Stress drains your energy and hurts your productivity. People also have a tendency to seek distractions when they feel overwhelmed, which is only another time-waster. To get a handle on your stress for managing your time better, determine what your three biggest stressors are. Then, ask yourself what you can do to reduce or eliminate the stress. Write a plan for reducing the stress and put it into action.

Stop Over-Promising And Keep Your Word

You don’t want to be that flaky person who only does what he said he would about half the time. Although you had good intentions when you accepted a responsibility or said you were going to do something, you may have over-promised. Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too much, and get into the habit of keeping your word to people. When you commit yourself to becoming a person who does what he says he will, it prevents you from over-promising while building a good reputation.

Don’t Waste Time Worrying About What Others Think

Although it’s important to have a good reputation at your workplace if you want a promotion or as a business owner if you want to retain customers, be wary of caring too much about what other people think. Worrying about what others think of you raises your anxiety levels, slows down your progress, and prevents you from taking advantage of opportunities that come your way. As long as a decision you want to make is ethical and seems good for your career, then go for it! You have to take chances to see the success you want.

Re-Evaluate What Your Most Important Activities Are

A big mistake people make in their careers is continuing to do activities that once served them well but are no longer important. Or they continue a task that is already finished. An example is typing a long-winded email. If you have already answered the person’s question, then there is no need to continue typing. Click that send button and move on to the next task.

By no means are we advising that you slack. You should always give your best, but you should also know when you have completed a task and entered the time-wasting zone. Don’t become obsessed with perfection, because it will eat up your time.

Write Your To-Do List Starting Each Item with An Action Verb

Sometimes your to-do list feels overwhelming. Just thinking of everything you need to do can put you into procrastination mode. You may say to yourself “I’ll have a snack before getting started.” That snack is followed by you checking your social media or distracting yourself with something else that isn’t on your to-do list. To reduce feelings of overwhelm and encourage yourself to check items off on your to-do list, start each item with an action verb. For example:

  • Schedule team meeting
  • Call John
  • Review blog post
  • Organize my desk
  • Vacuum the floor

Break down to-dos that will take a long time to finish into smaller chunks. For example, if you’re working on a big project, divide it into bite-sized tasks. If intensive research is needed, break down the research into different areas that need researched. For instance:

  • Research history of soccer
  • Research the top soccer players in 2016
  • Research the rules of soccer
  • Research the psychographics of soccer fans

If you had simply wrote “research soccer for upcoming commercial”, then that task would have felt much more overwhelming than if you had divided it into smaller to-dos.

If you feel like you never have enough time to get everything done and don’t have much to show for the hours you’re putting in, then it’s time you implement time management tips that boost productivity. The above time management tips will help you become more productive and make better use of your time.

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