Save Time (And some brain cells too!) With These Tech Tools For Time Management

All professionals and business owners consider how to use their time more effectively.  What are the easiest ways to save time or at least dedicate energy to the most high value activities?  It turns out that there are a lot of technology time management tips how to set priorities.  These apps and software are extremely useful to organize data, time and activities.

GSD_toolsOne excellent tool is Evernote.  It is one of the fastest growing online tools.  It is a cloud storage platform that instantly allows you to access files, messages, note, emails and conversations both from your mobile device and your desktop.  Using Evernote, you can easily set priorities for your tasks and rank them in notes.  It allows detailed organization of files so that you won’t lose anything and will be reminded to focus on necessary tasks.

For entrepreneurs, it is often a good idea to organize your life around one platform such as Microsoft or Google Enterprise tools. Google Enterprise Mail and Microsoft Outlook each offer sophisticated email tools to organize around.  They also neatly integrate with calendar functions and mobile tools.  Working together these platforms are extremely useful.  For example, when you insert a calendar appointment, the system will remind you to leave in time to reach your designated location-based on your distance and mode of travel.  In addition, as they integrate with your phone, you can easily check which emails you sent from your desktop computer earlier in the day.  Of course, these platforms prioritize your time and allow you to make all appointments and keep your schedule.

Bill pay is a crucial part of any business but it also can be excruciating.  Online apps such as Finovera can streamline this process so that bills are automatically paid and only extraordinary items are handled manually.  Using this application, you can prioritize your time toward more high value projects and tasks.

To-do lists are perhaps the ultimate way to prioritize your time. Wunderlist is a fun, free, sleek, easy to use tool.  Simply download this application and keep it updated with important tasks.  This tool (as well as calendar applications) can help you constantly keep updated on your priorities.  It is mobile so whatever platform you are using, you have access to it.

Despite the fact that it seems inconsequential, password managers are becoming more and more useful.  Business owners often have dozens of accounts and its impossible to keep all of the passwords in your head.  With a tool like LastPass that creates a safe encryption, you only need to remember one password.  The software keeps all of your accounts securely saved.  Not only does this keep your passwords secure, it actually saves lots of time that you are not trying to remember them.

For media, marketing or sales professionals, Hootsuite can help to organize all of your social media feeds.  Constantly checking the multiple social media outlets is extremely time-consuming.  However, Hootsuite is able to consolidate these for you on to a single dashboard.  With a new home page, you will save a tremendous amount of time.  Further, you will instantly be able to prioritize the issues, trends and ideas that help your business get to the next level.  Even for non-professionals, a social media organizer is a good idea to save time and reduce the clutter.

The tools and strategies above help professionals utilize technology to save time and organize their lives to the most high value activities.

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